Our Mission

Keter Yisrael Outreach’s goal is to aid low income and homeless families and individuals in the Central Florida area. The organization will work to provide food, clothing, and meet various other needs, including housing assistance for the needy.



  1. To be actively engaged in providing daily necessities to individuals living on the streets. By doing so, we build relationships with them and provide needs on an individual bases.
  2. A Mobile Resource- In areas out of our scope, (at this time), we must have options for them in forms of name, address and phone numbers of local shelters providing lodging, showers, food, counseling and resume building.
  3. Engaging in joint ventures with Congregations to add more community efforts towards these goals.
  4. Engaging in joint ventures with city and county leaders to help spread the word of helping the poor, we in turn help the cities and counties battle chronic homelessness.
  5. Start working with organizations that help our homeless Veterans to get them back on their feet and have them enter back into society.
  6. Becoming an Independent Center of Provisions;
  7. Food Bank- Preferably healthy foods
  8. Clothes- Undergarments, Shirts, Pants and Skirts
  9. Socks and Shoes
  10. Showers and Grooming
  11. Spiritual Counseling
  12. Help in Resume building and Job opening announcements